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Faith without works is dead. 

~James 2:26~

Children's and Youth Ministries

Director of Sunday Youth Programs~Deena Agee

Toddler/Pre-School Coordinator~Tosha Whitlow

Children's Church Coordinator~Beth Weiss and Tosha Whitlow

Sunday Teen/ Pre-Teen Coordinators~Brian Davis and Tony Jackson

VBS & Special Youth Camps~Beth Weiss

Service Ministries

Greeters~Debbie Davis

Head Usher- David Barr 

Altar Workers~Brian Davis, Keith Davis, Dolly Mullenix, & Karen Chandler

Communion Servants~Keith Davis & Debbie Johnson

Funeral and Family Support Coordinator~Tosha Whitlow 

Parking Attendant~Bill Rhynearson 

Building Maintenance~Dave Barr & Tony Muechel 

Outside/Property Maintenance~Dave Barr 

Church Cleaning~Debbie Davis 

Servants Heart Ministry~Tosha Whitlow
Kairos Ministry~Doc Baldock, Brian Davis, Jason Staples, and Pastor Tim

Music Ministries

  • Musicians and Worship Band~Deena Agee

  • Singers & Praise Groups~Deena Agee

  • Sound & Video/Technical Productions~Jerry Hendricks, Tony Jackson, Tosha Whitlow, and Brian Davis

Men's Ministries 

Men's Identity Group~Doc Baldock
Kairos Ministry~Doc Baldock, Brian Davis, Jason Staples, and Pastor Tim

Ladies Ministries

  • Ladies Group Director~Vicki Davis

  • Showers: Wedding/Baby~Debbie Davis

  • Ladies' Study Group~Vicki Davis

Adult Sunday School (Sunday morning 8:30am - 9:30am)

  • Keith Davis, and Brian Davis

Fun(d)raiser Team

  • Committee for Fund Raiser Planning~Tosha Whitlow & Brandy Barr

Special Events and Outreach Ministries 

  • Thanksgiving Dinner~ Vicki Davis and Deena Agee

  • Christmas Party~Deena Agee and Tosha Whitlow

  • Annual Adult Retreat~Vicki Davis, Brian Davis, and Deena Agee

  • Fall Harvest Weekend~Vicki Davis and Deena Agee

Special Outreaches

  • Servants Heart Ministry~Tosha Whitlow

  • Monthly Acts of Kindness~Jackie Parsons

  • Kairos Ministry~Doc Baldock, Brian Davis, Jason Staples, and Pastor Tim

G.L.O.W. Drama Ministry

  • Tony & Lerin Jackson

Technology Ministries

  • Audio Tech~Jerry Hendricks, Debbie Johnson, and Tony Jackson

  • Web & Social Media~Tosha Whitlow, Tony Jackson, and Brian Davis

  • Worship Director~Deena Agee

  • Prayer Requests/Social Media Updates/ General Information Emailing~ Tosha Whitlow

Acts 19 Ministry (a powerful ministry that touches people Nationwide)

  •  Karen Chandler and Dolly Mullenix

Sanctuary Food  Service (Any time food is needed for any church function)

  • Vicki Davis

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